Angel Smalls in the Adult Store Gloryhole


Angel Smalls is dissatisfied with her boyfriend. He did not cheat on her. Worse. He recently referred to her as a “prude.” “All you want to do is a missionary with the lights off!” exclaimed her boyfriend as she marched out of the bedroom. So now Angel is in an adult bookstore. Since her boyfriend said that, she’s started dressing more provocatively, and today’s Angel is going to do something she’s never done before: buy a dirty movie. Her strategy? She’ll turn on the lights the next time she and her man “do it.” Angel will be watching the film.

And she’ll be naked, doggy-style, waiting for him when he gets home from work! Our helpful clerk will assist her because she has never purchased a dirty movie before. Then he’ll let her try out one of the DVDs in the arcade for free before taking it home. Once inside the booth, little Angel is in for some more surprises: what’s about to happen is a no-holds-barred (literally) suck and fuck session! Angel is not a prude!! But she’s not going to mess with the little white wee-wee!! Best Gloryhole porn videos online right here at

Date: March 29, 2022