Cherie Deville arrives at the Gloryhole


High-ranking official Cherie needs to get out from the office now and then for some extracurricular respite in an unexpected location. When she arrives at the Gloryhole, she is frequently still on the phone with business, and she occasionally forgets to switch it off while getting her fill. It’s Monday at the good ol’ GH, and she only has one Dick, but it’s a big one, and she’s going to drain it for all it’s worth.

Even in her favourite spot, she comes up with novel techniques to fuck the dick. Just as she is getting into her stride, the office phone rings again, requesting her to return, but she is going to finish what she started first. When she realises that cock is going to give her what she wants, she gets down on her knees and takes that load in the face, which she proudly wears back to work to see who has the courage to say anything to her.

Date: March 25, 2022