Danielle Derek professional sex worker Gloryhole


Danielle Derek is a professional sex worker on the lookout for job, just like the rest of us! Turns out there’s a local adult bookstore that bills itself as a “superstore,” which means there’s a front of the store with DVDs, sex toys, lingerie, and lubes; a stripper pole and stage; windowed booths where ladies perform pussy tease shows behind a window; and yes, all the way back in the “bowels” of the store, there’s a video arcade.

Danielle will take care of everything! The cashier wants to make sure Danielle is a customer “pleasing,” so he’ll give her the ultimate “job interview”: he’ll walk her back to video arcade booth #5! Danielle has been hired if she can please a customer back there without ever knowing who that customer is! What’s more, guess what? She acquits herself admirably at the job interview! Simply look at it!!

Date: March 25, 2022