Gloryhole Sizzling Fun with Daisy Stone


Daisy Stone is a sex worker who is preparing to apply for a job at an adult bookshop in her neighbourhood. It’s a unique bookstore that caters to a diverse range of customers: in the front, there are lubes, sexy outfits, toys, and DVDs; in the back, it gets a little “sleazier,” with a video arcade and several booths where attractive females can amuse men separated by a glass wall. You can only guess what happens!

Daisy is looking for work, so the store manager offered her a tour of the facility during her interview! You can guess where she ended up — in the “hole.” Number 5 in the video arcade. The “gloryhole,” where there’s a lot of sizzling action! Daisy was paid a visit by the pervert in the next booth just minutes after viewing a nasty movie! He pushed his arm into one of the holes, touching Daisy’s tits and pussy and even choking her lightly! Daisy wants the customer, so she’s left all her holes open today…which the pervert fucks until he spends a lot of money. Daisy is all coated, but she doesn’t seem to mind! Hopefully, it means she’s been offered the position!!

Date: March 25, 2022