Haley Reed Needs Some Gloryhole Black Dick


“Large shakes mean little cocks,” Haley Reed tells the assistant at the grown-up book shop. She’s alluding to two things: her wedding ring…and her hubby. Haley loves to swindle. It resembles a game. Haley adores the excitement of deceiving her Hubby nearly however much she cherishes the adventure of large, black dick. Both make her heart pound…almost out of her chest! Today, she’s getting her rushes by telling Hubby she’s “out with the young ladies” as she’s looking for a brilliance opening.

Haley knows she’s perfectly positioned, as well! She’s done the web research, and the representative at the book shop doesn’t deny a thing; indeed, the agent drives her back to the arcade and to stall, where everything goes down! What’s more goes down it does!! Haley’s in the space for all of 2 or 3 minutes before an enormous, thick black rooster flies through. There’s just a single way Haley cheats, and that is with “NSA” (no surprises) black fellows!! Furthermore where’s the best spot for that NSA experience Haley blossoms with? A brilliance opening, obviously! Watch her play with the enormous heap of jizz she earns…and assuming the telephone rings and it’s Hubby? Simply reply and tune in as Haley lies her butt off!

Date: December 31, 2021
Pornstars: haley reed