Lexi Lore and Natalia Queen Gloryhole Shanningans


Lexi Lore and Natalia Queen, her “bestie,” are typical barely-legals, grinning and laughing and full of drama and crazy antics. Look at them now! Lexi is more “open-minded” than Natalia. Natalia has been persuaded into a weird, old-school dirty-video store by Lexi! Yes! They’re still around! They’re also behaving like juvenile knuckleheads, cracking dumb jokes about all the DVD titles. It doesn’t take long for the store manager to ask for identification, and once he confirms that they’re above the age of 18, they proceed to one of the preview booths.

You’re aware of what’s about to happen…but isn’t it surprising that Lexi took it upon herself to rip the rubbers off two random creeps in adjacent booths? Or that Lexi will stuff it into her buttocks? Or that both girls “finish” each other’s “randos”?!? After that, these two super whores go on the “walk of shame,” leaving the store for all to see who they really are! Best Gloryhole porn videos online right here at gloryholey.com.

Date: March 29, 2022